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something that matter

something that matter... yeah,, sometimes we are too concern about something that isn't really matter.. sometimes we don't really care about  the most important thing.. sometimes we do behave like we are always the perfect one without considering another point of view.. we are too self- orriented [sometimes].. we forget to love, to care and show our best version to others.. we dont have to serve them like we are the slave.. no. we are not.. it's not your money that make people smile.. they are smile because you smile first ..         just like a virus, your smile will find a new victim everyime you use it.. :)  it's not your car that make them feel comfort.. your kindness is.. it's not your beauty face or a blink in your ears that means a lot..  people see your heart, your sincere and straight heart.. you see? it's not about the material things that matter.. it's all about something inside of you.. a