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we're family

ya..!... take a look at them.. something went wrong.. but this is it.. that's really  what i mean.. to show you that they could be a friend,.. a close friend i mean.. like a real family.. they complete each other.. they find something good in each other.. they believe that they could have a fun time together.. they are laughing.. they are sharing.. they are happy.. together.. even when they come from a different ways, no matter what people say and argue, they are still together, in the same line, on a perfect harmony.. they build their dreams.. they are surely make some plans.. not to hurt nor breaks promises., they are encourage instead. for a bright and wonderful future.. they are in love.. yeah.. theu are in love..! love makes allthings possible,, even when the doors are closed before... happy lovely day everyone.. look around and spread your amazing love !   -- posted with pepsi.keyefsi140214jkbr., while remebering everythingaboutyou,asmuchasic