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list of goodness . . . .

when i look around,
sometimes makes me wondering,
what's yours, what's mine,
how can it be? how can we be so different?
and the other unanswered question keep coming.

look up and see
how great is Our Creator.
(personal courtesy)

then when i look up above,
makes me realize and wondering,
who am i, who am i,
that the Creator of all,
the One who give name to the stars,
the One that can do anything,
still love me anyway?
still pouring down many favor and goodness for me?

how can it be? how can i forget this fact?
i should numbers all the goodness in me,
free fresh air,
free 24 hours a day,
free sunrise,
true friends,
work to do,
trust to keep,
eyes to see,
ears to hear,
.. .. ..
... ... ....
... ... ....

  even a fact that i can smile everyday . . .

it is always enough for me to just count it all,
c o u n t     i t    a l l ..

more than enough helping me forget all the complaint list..


God is good, all the time.. .


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