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all the things that could go wrong

"children are happy because they dont have a file in their minds called 'all the things that could go wrong' "

now I know.

I think that quote is enough to describe the reality around us. It's simple yet quite interesting (at least for me).

and people said we need to learn to be like a kid in pursuing happiness, but also we need to act and behave like an adult..

oh well, I am the happiness oriented person, but somehow and sometimes I dont feel like I am happy enough to live in the moment.

oh life and uhm this life.

 . . . .
. . . . .
. . . .
 . . . .

(all dots represent many things that happened in life - EVERY bad and sucks THING )

, , , , , ,

, , , , , , ,

, , , , , , ,

(all commas represent  all the joy and best thing in life)

I am smiling now.

but does not mean everything is in my control- absolutely no, I still believe there is another - biggest power that control everything-

yes I am smiling,
after I finished my hours of tears.
too many reason for the tears,
but then I remember the reason of my happiness is a way too far from my sad reason...

they said,
there must be a DOWN to feel the presence of an UP.
there must be a NOTHING to know the FULLEST
there must be an IMPOSSIBLE to get the POSSIBLE
and sure
there must be a TEARS to create the real JOY..

oh life.
I thankyou. :)

your best appreciator,

ps. I put dots for bad thing, cause I know, bad things never last.
and I put commas for good things, cause I should remember it always when I fell like dots is oming my way..

what do you think?



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